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RE: xawtv crashes with Sensoray 611 on RHEL5

Hi Devin,

Good to know that you will try 611 with other distros later, and you are
going to order 811 for evaluation. Attached plz find the instruction for
Sensoray Model 811 under Linux. You could use default if you don't need
audio capture. Anyway, you will find details in the doc. If you need order
the board, contact our Sales directly at (503) 684-8005.

Best regards,

Charlie X. Liu @ Sensoray Co.

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Subject: Re: xawtv crashes with Sensoray 611 on RHEL5

Hi Charlie,

On Jan 26, 2011, at 6:57 PM, Charlie X. Liu wrote:
> Have you tried with other distro's, like Ubuntu or SuSE? If they are Ok,
> may report to RedHat for investigation or as bug report. If the same
> the PC chipset may not be proper or compatible working at 64-bit mode.
> staying with 32-bit, would be Ok for your application?

I have not yet tried with any distributions besides RHEL5.  We will try to
look at this a little more when we get a chance.

> BTW, for multi-channel video/frame capturing, Sensoray has Model 811 (
> http://www.sensoray.com/products/811.htm) for your consideration. It uses
> better capturing chipset (in terms of video/frame capturing quality),
> SAA7135. Four of the SAA7135's are on one Model 811 board, and it supports
> 4-channel capturing simultaneously. Have you noticed it and would like to
> consider or try out?

Thanks!  It looks like we will order a Model 811 for evaluation.  What will
we need in modprobe.conf to support the Model 811 in RHEL5?

Thanks again,

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