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Re: xawtv crashes with Sensoray 611 on RHEL5

Hi Charlie,

On Jan 26, 2011, at 6:57 PM, Charlie X. Liu wrote:
> Have you tried with other distro's, like Ubuntu or SuSE? If they are Ok, you
> may report to RedHat for investigation or as bug report. If the same behave,
> the PC chipset may not be proper or compatible working at 64-bit mode. Then,
> staying with 32-bit, would be Ok for your application?

I have not yet tried with any distributions besides RHEL5.  We will try to look at this a little more when we get a chance.

> BTW, for multi-channel video/frame capturing, Sensoray has Model 811 (
> http://www.sensoray.com/products/811.htm) for your consideration. It uses a
> better capturing chipset (in terms of video/frame capturing quality),
> SAA7135. Four of the SAA7135's are on one Model 811 board, and it supports
> 4-channel capturing simultaneously. Have you noticed it and would like to
> consider or try out?

Thanks!  It looks like we will order a Model 811 for evaluation.  What will we need in modprobe.conf to support the Model 811 in RHEL5?

Thanks again,

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