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 I'm not a professional, but a motivated amateur and I would like to
modify the SAA7134/v4l driver
  in my kernel to support the card mentioned in the title.
 I have some logs and some results, but my main problem is that I
cannot see how the driver should works.
 I mean which module calls in the others, and where starts the whole thing. :)
 As far as I could see more than one module contains for example
tda829x specific parts.
 My other problem is I haven't got any circuit diagram to know the
connections, but I guess it is a usual thing.
 Furthermore in my future plans I would like to use this hybrid card
as a signal processor module for some kind of hobby,
  and to give a good start to others.
 In my plan I would like to prepare a GUI, where I could modify all of
the parameters in all chips on the board, but I guess
  the limitations in ioctl are much more strong than I could achieve that.
 Could you please help me, how should I start working, or much better,
how should I continue.. :)

Thanks a lot!

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