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Pinnacle PCTV USB2 working with PAL-Nc

Hi all,
I live in Argentina and I have a Pinnacle PCTV USB2. We use PAL-Nc (no
other country does AFAIK) and I couldn't get the device to show a
colored image. Actually there was no image when PAL-Nc was selected
and BW only with PAL. It turns that this device uses (just to remind
you) a TDA9887 tuner (IF-PLL demodulator), an SAA7113 input processor
and a EM2820 capture device.

The problem was that the TDA9887 is being set incorrectly. I'm not
quiet sure what the justification is, but I started from the point
that I should at least see the same B&W image I saw with PAL, so I
just went with trial and error (two trials, one error).

The whole diff would be:
------------cut here----------------------------------
< 			   cVideoIF_45_75 ),
> 			   cVideoIF_38_90 ),
------------cut here----------------------------------

I only have the Pinnalce PCTV, so probably someone else (from
Argentina) could try with another device using the TDA9887 before
submitting a patch.



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