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Simple request : mini-pcie analog TV capture card

Hello List,

I'm after a somehow quite simple information: I'm looking for a
mini-pcie TV tuner/capture card. I simply need to plug my cable TV
decoder to such a card to "watch" TV on Linux. I've got success with a
Hauppauge 950Q USB stick and TV time but this is not a one-time
project and we would need to replicate it in a somehow large scale, so
a mini-pcie card would fit the hardware best.

Does anybody know any mini-pcie model analog card that are still
available on the market and that is compatible with this need ?

I've looked at linuxtv.org lists but couldn't find one.

Habey has a new model, based on the ATI Theater 750 HD chip, which is
not supported.

AVerMedia has some models too, but none seems to have analog mode
working on Linux.

Any suggestions would be kindly appreciated.



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