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Re: Video capture device

Roger Oberholtzer wrote:
On Thu, 2010-09-09 at 09:37 +0200, Jorge Cabrera wrote:

I wanted to set up a videoconference service at my company using a sony video camera with a usb video capture device and linux (Ubuntu to be specific). The videoconference system we're using is through webex and megameeting. I am currently using an Avermedia video capture device but the problem I had was that for this device the default input was "Tuner" and even dough I could set the default input to S-Video with v4l utilities this would only work with mplayer, vlc... but it wouldn't work with flash or java in a browser which are the technology behind most of online videoconference services. So after a month of banging my head against the wall I gave up and installed another operating system. Windows. Yes, I know.

But now I want to give it another try so this time I was thinking of trying with another video capture usb device so I wanted to ask the members of this list if you ever made one of this devices work perfectly under linux, specially with flash or java technologies. I think I would have the same problems with any Avermedia device so maybe there's something out there that works.

I am using a Logitec USB webcam and it works with flash. I have noted
that it does not work with all versions of flash. So I have a specific
version that I do not reinstall and then it continues to work. This is
on openSUSE. But I suspect it is the same for all Linux distos as they
cannot change the flash parts.

There is an application called cheese that is great for testing these
devices. If it works there, then you can be sure the OS is doing the
right thing. Which is a good first step.

Thanks for your reply and your advice Roger. Problem is that using a webcam is not an option right now because the solution that we have to provide is by using a usb video capture device connected to a camera. Have anyone tried one of those with linux?

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