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CVD::V4LBuffer<yuv422> Logitech web 9000 cam control help

Hi people,my name is Camilo im student of Systems Engineering at Universidad
Catolica de Colombia  http://mi.eng.cam.ac.uk/~er258/cvd/ , im currently
working on a project based on PTAM http://www.robots.ox.ac.uk/~gk/PTAM/, im
tryng to have control of my cam but i can not do it, there is the following
code to control video source using v4l2 like this (the project use this
libraries in here for computer vision http://mi.eng.cam.ac.uk/~er258/cvd/)

// Copyright 2008 Isis Innovation Limited
#include "VideoSource.h"
#include <cvd/Linux/v4lbuffer.h>
#include <cvd/colourspace_convert.h>
#include <cvd/colourspaces.h>
#include <gvars3/instances.h>

namespace PTAMM {

using namespace CVD;
using namespace std;
using namespace GVars3;

  cout << "  VideoSource_Linux: Opening video source..." << endl;
  string QuickCamFile = GV3::get<string>("VideoSource.V4LDevice",
  ImageRef irSize = GV3::get<ImageRef>("VideoSource.Resolution",
  int nFrameRate = GV3::get<int>("VideoSource.Framerate", 30);
  V4LBuffer<yuv422>* pvb = new V4LBuffer<yuv422>(QuickCamFile, irSize, -1,
false, nFrameRate);
  mirSize = pvb->size();
  mptr = pvb;
  cout << "  ... got video source." << endl;
ImageRef VideoSource::Size()
  return mirSize;

void VideoSource::GetAndFillFrameBWandRGB(Image<byte> &imBW, Image<Rgb<byte>
> &imRGB)
  V4LBuffer<yuv422>* pvb = (V4LBuffer<yuv422>*) mptr;
  VideoFrame<yuv422> *pVidFrame = pvb->get_frame();
  convert_image(*pVidFrame, imBW);
  convert_image(*pVidFrame, imRGB);

but i dont have control of camera paremeters i change resolution but i dont
get any result, im beginner with this so im kind of lost, this app start
video using opengl window, but when i try to maximize window i lose
resolution, do you have any ideas so i can control cam paremeters, camera
has a lot of features as you can see in here
thanks for any help you people can give me, please forgive me for poor
details on specifications for what i need, but i dont know what else to
explain about my situation, i was tryng to read methods for
V4LBuffer<yuv422>, but i dont find a way to change camera parameters.

thanks in advance

att: Camilo Soto
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