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Max size format

Hello all!
I've built an app to get the max size of my cameras! I got two capture
devices, and simple webcam, with max size 640x480 and a TV capture card, max
size 744x480. When I query my webcam, at /dev/video0, it returns the right
size, but my TV card returns a weird size, like this:

*gabriel@bourbaki:~/Desktop$ ./camera_size /dev/video0*
*raw pixfmt: YUYV 640x480*
*pixfmt: RGB3 640x480*
*gabriel@bourbaki:~/Desktop$ ./camera_size /dev/video1*
*raw pixfmt: BGR3 48x32*
*pixfmt: RGB3 48x32*
I'll attach my code and if someone find out what is going wrong, I'd be very

Thank you all!

Gabriel Duarte
Linux User #471185
Rio de Janeiro - RJ

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