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RE: SUGGESTION FOR A Linux based Card

On Fri, 2010-07-09 at 09:30 -0700, Charlie X. Liu wrote: 
> Is it a BT878-based or SAA7134-based? If you are looking for a better quality capture card, considering a SAA7134-based is very important, since BT878 is too old and SAA713x is a newer generation one that uses more advanced technologies including using the adaptive comb filter and adaptive anti-alias filtering techniques which make big difference on image/video quality.

They have a few different cards. BT878 is not lower quality (in my
opinion when using these cards in systems to capture images for
high-speed image processing). The difference is that it does no
compression in hardware. But I thought the original poster mentioned
using ffmpeg.

We also use a 4-channel card that compresses to jpeg-2000 in hardware.
Great linux support.

It is a mistake to confuse age with quality. In this area, new sometimes
means cheaper to make, or additional features (like compression) that do
not effect the basic image capture quality.


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