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User Controls

Dear ALL:

   V4L2 has defined many user controls IDs prefixed with V4L2_CID_, which
can be found in header file *videodev*2*.h* or *v4l2 spec*. Does it miss
any?  For example, Camera class control IDs have been pre-defined as

*/*in videodev2.h*/*
 */*  Camera class control IDs */*

  16 IDs has been defined,But Camera terminal support 19 controls described
UVC spec.

     *D00 Scanning Mode*

*     D01 Auto-Exposure Mode*

*     D02 Auto-Exposure Priority*

*     D03 Exposure Time (Absolute)*

*     D04 Exposure Time (Relative)*

*     D05 Focus (Absolute)*

*     D06 Focus (Relative)*

*     D07 Iris (Absolute)*

*     D08 Iris (Relative)*

*     D09 Zoom (Absolute)*

*     D10 Zoom (Relative)*

*     D11 Pan (Absolute)*

*     D12 Pan (Relative)*

*     D13 Roll (Absolute)*

*     D14 Roll (Relative)*

*     D15 Tilt (Absolute)*

*     D16 Tilt (Relative)*

*     D17 Focus Auto*

*     D18 Privacy*


*     Would V4l2 will support all controls defined by uvc?*



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