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Re: soc-camera driver for i.MX25


importantly, it certainly has to be updated for 2.6.32 and 2.6.33 - the
biggest change since 2.6.31 has been the conversion to the v4l2-subdev
API, and a smaller one - the addition of the mediabus API.
I already suspected that I have to update it :D Currently I'm using a 2.6.31
kernel that has been patched with a BSP from the board supplier. So, I have to
first update these patches in order to be able to run my system with a current
kernel,I guess. I will try that ...

Good, looking forward to an updated patch;)

It seems that I will not find the time for preparing my driver for a newer kernel in the near future :( I started upgrading the BSP of my board a few weeks ago, but was interrupted by urgent work on several other things. I will now have to use my driver rather than updating and improving it. Sorry. But I'm sure I will have to update it sooner or later and will hopefully come back then ;)


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