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Image format set with VIDIOC_S_FMT successfully on host PC, yet failed on target ARM dev-board.

I got a problem while I was trying to capture a frame through a webcam
on a dev-board.I just followed the example provided by V4L2 specs and
made a little change in the process_image() function.The code runs
well on my PC,and I can exactly get a converted BMP file after setting
the image format to "YUYV".
BUT when port it to ARM, I just got the "Invalid Argument" error
returned by VIDIOC_S_FMT.I tried with the G_FMT ioctl both on PC and
ARM and the result confused me.While on ARM the returned supported
format is "MJPG",rather than "YUYV" on PC and that's why the S_FMT
Here is some info about my environment.
host-pc: Fedora 12( kernel
target-arm: arm-linux (kernel EABI enabled/V4L enabled/gspca
enabled/uvc enabled
cross-compiler: Soucery G++ (EABI)
Should I just install a module to ARM or add something else?Or maybe
someone could leave me a hint?
Thanks and Regards

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