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Set Frequency Problem

Hello all,
it's first time I write to this mailing list, so I'm sorry if this problem has been already discussed. I'm writing an application in java tha use v4l2 through JNI layer (but I have the same problem in a C test program)

When I call the VIDIOC_S_FREQUENCY the driver change the frequency, but the video signal is 0 (according to the VIDIOC_G_TUNER) and the image is black. I've to call some times the VIDIOC_S_FREQUENCY to get the signal on

The driver I'm using is the SAA7130.

Any ideas?

Just another question: at this time I'm working with userpointer and read method to grab the images, but probably I will must use the video overlay. I've tried to start the overlay following the v4l documentation, but it doesn't work. I suspect that I must use the Xorg library to get some information (such as the frame buffer address). Could someone show me the way?

Thanks in advance

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