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Re: Any update on em28xx on igevp2 ?

Hi Devin,

just some extra info:

I have tested the difference on the arm board compared to the pc:
 int  height=576;
 height >>= 576;
 printf("%d\n", height);

on arm it gives a 0, on the pc it gives 576.
on both i get a warning from the compiler, as in my test code the 576 is hardcoded in stead of a variable
warning: right shift count >= width of type ( which is logical ;) )


Gert-Jan de Jonge wrote:
Hi Devin,

I am a big step further, I can now get video from the device.
At this moment I am looking at the function em28xx_resolution_set on arm the height is set to 0 by the following lines:

      if (!dev->progressive)
               height >>= norm_maxh(dev);

I am not sure what it should do, should it really shift the height over the value of height ? If I set the height to f.e. 576 ater this line, i can capture video ( it is 576 before this line ) should it shift by 1 if it is interlaced and the resolution is higher than the interlaced height ?


Devin Heitmueller wrote:
2010/3/16 Gert-Jan de Jonge <de_jonge@xxxxxxxx>:

I saw on the list the John Banks was having problems getting video from an em28xx device on an igepv2 board. I am curious if there is already a fix ?

Nobody is working on it except for John.  If someone has some
commercial interest in seeing it working, I can probably help out.
Otherwise, the ARM is such an obscure platform for these sorts of
devices that it's not worth any of the developers' time (relative to
working on other things).



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