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Frame Rate settings on gspca v4l1

Hi everybody, I am newbie on webcams and drivers. I tried to use my webcam
on a embedded device which has usb host. I used mjpeg-streamer application
with gspca. 2.6.22 version linux kernel run on my board. So I used old gspca
driver from http://mxhaard.free.fr/download.html. This driver works up to
v4l1 standart. I used mjpegstreamer's gspcav1 plugin and it worked well. But
I need to set frame rate for cpu performance issue.

I searched how I can set frame rate on v4l1 standart but I couldnt find any
usefull informations. May anyone has advice about this issue, or link, or
clue? [image: Smile]


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