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Re: soc-camera driver for i.MX25

Thanks for your interest!

Nice, thanks for the patch! Now, you'd have to formalise the submission -
add your Signed-off-by line, provide a suitable patch description.
Ok. That sounds like the easy part ;)

> More
importantly, it certainly has to be updated for 2.6.32 and 2.6.33 - the
biggest change since 2.6.31 has been the conversion to the v4l2-subdev
API, and a smaller one - the addition of the mediabus API.
I already suspected that I have to update it :D Currently I'm using a 2.6.31 kernel that has been patched with a BSP from the board supplier. So, I have to first update these patches in order to be able to run my system with a current kernel,I guess. I will try that ...

For a single
driver these are not very big changes, I could help you with them, but you
certainly would have to re-test your setup with the current kernel. Would
you be able to do that? And then, of course, we'd also have to pass your
driver through the usual review rounds.

Thanks for your encouraging answer. I never before submitted a driver and any help is highly appreciated.


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