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Re: streamer

Dear Cristiana,

only a warning for you.

You must have the right speed on USB and also very fast acquire library.

First of all, please check if your USB platform is USB2.0

If you don't have USB 2.0 in your embedded target board you cannot grab anything from your cam: there isn't enought throughput

I had the same problem some months ago and i didn't realize why it wasn't working.

If you only need to grab a still image i can send a very simple software to you that you can cross-compile for your platform.

It's based on V4L standard (so you need such library for your embedded platform) and, of course, you need the driver for your USB cam



Cristiana Tenti ha scritto:
I'm a new user :)

I'm working on a simple project and for that I only need to a software for
uclinux to acquire a raw image from my usb webcam.
On Ubuntu I'm using STREAMER but I cannot find the source code to install it
on my uclinux platform.

Anyway I found xawtv and I saw that this usefull software has as tool

Do you know if it is possible compile only streamer and not all package of

Please, if you can help me answer me!!!

Thank you in advance,

Best Regards


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