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Re: multimedia framework tutorial

perhaps the following pages may help:



Kernel Source Documentation: Documentation/video4linux



etc....etc......this is overwhelming....

On Sun, Jan 17, 2010 at 4:49 AM, Niamathullah sharief
<newbiesha@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> Hello,
>  i just want to know about the multimedia framework in video. i googled for
> that but i didn't get what i need. i want to know how this multimedia is
> supported in kernel. what are the drivers and file need for this?i want to
> know the complete architecture. if it uses gstreamer for multimedia,hoe it
> handles it?i want o know all the details. so for that i have to learn all
> the complete concepts. so please can anyone tell me which book will be best
> for this and is there any e-book available? please help me.

Peter Teoh

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