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[recommendation] USB TV Tuner card with support for HD resolution (720p at least) under Linux?


I think the title says it all, but well... let me explain in a better way...

Basically, I have a laptop machine and I would like to be able to play the PS3 I'm intending to buy using a tv tuner instead
of having to buy a tv, just have a one-for-all machine, let's say it that way, so the laptop will be for work/programming/whatever
tasks and the PS3 for strict gaming.

The problem I have is I don't really know which hardware would be suitable for that purpose, if any at all... that's why I ask for help
in this matter.

1. Does this kind of hardware actually exists? I don't pretend pulling a full 1080i signal, just 720p would be nice, as my laptop has
a 15.6" screen at 1366x768, so 1280x720 would make sense.
2. In case it exists, do I need to connect it with any exotic method? I guess the yellow component cable just delivers standard resolution,
not high definition, but maybe I'm wrong... any hint would be appreciated
3. Could I use tvtime with the tuner, if possible?

Compilation doesn't matter, I'm using a custom-made (and a bit deviated) LFS/CLFS distro, so I'm accustomed to compile every single
package I need for my system, which (by the way) it's x86 with no compatibility mode (I mean... no i486-pc-linux-gnu but i686-pc-linux-gnu triplet)
and the GNOME desktop.

Thanks in advance,
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