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problem with the register of driver that works with soc_camera_subsystem

I am trying build a system on video with mx27 and ov7670 sensor but when I
want register my driver that works with soc_camera subsystem in the 2.6.30
version(I have works in this version because my boss wants it that way ), I
executed the function "soc_camera_host_register(&mx27_soc_camera_host);" In
the probe function of host-camera, this funcion is in the soc_camera.c and
this function call to "scan_add_host" and this funcion is:
1- static void scan_add_host(struct soc_camera_host *ici)
2- {
3-    struct soc_camera_device *icd;
4-    mutex_lock(&list_lock);
5-    list_for_each_entry(icd, &devices, list) {
6-        if (icd->iface == ici->nr) {
7-            icd->dev.parent = &ici->dev;
8-            device_register_link(icd);
9-        }
10-    }
11-   mutex_unlock(&list_lock);

Well, in the probe function of camera-host I put ici->nr=0 (ici is
soc_camera_host); but icd-> iface I don't know where is declared, in my chip
camera I declare a soc_camera_device where I put the iface=0, but in this
function, "scan_add_host" in the if of line 6, the icd-iface is different of
0, and the function device_register_link isn't executed.

In the chip_camera this function,"device_register_link"(is called for your
appropriate function,scan_add_device) yes is executed, anybody know anything
about this problem? is a problem or this function only is necessary to
execute one once for both(chip-camera and host-camera), I think that is
necessary that this function is executed for both but I am rookie in this
topics. anybody help me?
Thanks for your time.
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