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Re: Leadtek Winfast TV2100


On 09.01.2010 18:14, hermann pitton wrote:

Am Samstag, den 09.01.2010, 17:23 +0100 schrieb dz-tor:
Hi Pavle,

On 09.01.2010 15:46, Pavle Predic wrote:
Hey Darek,

Great job of making the card work. I was really thrilled when I saw
your post. However, I am a total newbie, so I couldn't apply the
changes you wrote about. Could you please be a bit more specific? What
I did is downloaded the driver from here:
http://dl.bytesex.org/releases/video4linux/saa7134-0.2.12.tar.gz and
made the changes to those two files, as described. But I have no clue
how to compile it. I installed linux-headers for my kernel version and
tried to run make, but I'm getting an error. Are there any
configuration options that I need to set in Makefile or Make.config?
I'm not sure whether downloading and compiling driver is good idea. v4l
drivers (which includes saa7134) are included in mainline kernel, so
compiling kernel is what you have to do. From what I know, in Debian
there should be package in repositories with kernel sources
(linux-source or similar) - this option you should use if you want to
stick to the kernel version provided by your distribution. Another
option is to download kernel sources from kernel.org and use them (I've
done so - I'm using latest stable release). Here you have link to how-to
about kernel compiling:
It's for Ubuntu, but for you it should be also applicable (on bottom
there is also link to Debian documentation).

Before compilation you should make changes which I gave earlier. All
files which should be modified are in
<kernel_src_path>/drivers/media/video/saa7134/ directory. Have in mind
that what I've done is that I've changed existing card configuration -
it's not proper solution. When I'll manage remote control to work, I'll
try to prepare patch with new card configuration. You can apply my
changes now or wait until I'll prepare the patch.


So Pavle's regspy results and following my instructions did the trick.

Patches must go to LMML<linux-media@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>  and be against
latest v4l-dvb master at linuxtv.org.
You can use what I prepared already yesterday for testing and is
attached. You have only to change the clock and use LINE1 for external
audio input. I suggest to use also LINE1 for mute then, gpio 0x08 is
that input anyway.

We can send that modified patch already and add IR support later.

You must find the up/down gpio and with mask_keycode = 0x000000
all the other gpios which do change on keypresses and create unique
keycodes. Then you either need to add a new keytable or can use an
already existing one.
I understand what have to be done to get support for remote control - problem lays somewhere else. Later I'll send more details with code and outputs from dmesg and description of the problem.


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