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Re: Blackmagic SDI card --> v4l2 ready ?

Mars Forest wrote:
Just a quick question to see if Blackmagic's SDI card (I just have the basic one, not the studio or the extreme) is working under Video4Linux?

I have successfully tested this card using the bundled software (for Ubuntu) but I am getting this error when trying to capture from it with VLC:

    *[0x2a3e828] v2l2 demux warning: FIXME: v4l2.c ControlListPrint 2738*

Since this question was rather quickly answered on IRC ("none of Blackmagic's cards work with v4l.") I am now looking for a recommendation on a good card to replace this one. I am running Debian/Ubuntu on a Sunfire x2200.

Looking for a half-length PCI-E SDI video capture card that will work with v4l2/VLC.

What's the best choice here?


forest mars
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