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I2C of sensor SOC_CAMERA

hello. I'm developping a driver and I need develop a sensor with soc_camera
library, well , I have a problem with the sensor because I can't read
correctly of it, I use these instructions when I register the driver:
static int __init ov7670_module_init(void)

    return i2c_add_driver(&ov7670_soc_i2c_driver);

and in function probe of sensor.
if (!i2c_check_functionality(adapter, I2C_FUNC_SMBUS_BYTE_DATA))
i2c_set_clientdata(client, priv);
ret = soc_camera_device_register(icd);

I don't know why I can't read well of this sensor...the sensor return values
incorrect and bad (as "fffffffb") the address I2C is correct, can someone
help me? can be that I haven't important function in the driver or in the
configuration board?
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