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Newbie question about choosing a TV tuner card for Linux

Hi! Can someone give me advice on which of these PCI TV tuner cards I
should buy for use on Linux ? All are from a similar price range, but
I do not know how they compare in terms of Linux support and picture

 - Leadtek DTV 1800H
   A relatively cheap card based on CX2388x and XC3028 (?). I read it is
   a good value for the price, and may be supported on Linux, although
   some tricks/patches could be needed to get it to work.
 - Leadtek DTV 2000H
   Similar to the above card, but is an older model, the tuner is an
   FMD1216 in a tin can, and it is somewhat more expensive. Is that only
   because of more bundled Windows software, or is the different tuner a
   better one quality-wise ? How does the Linux support compare ?
 - AVerMedia Hybrid PCI+FM (A16AR or A16D)
   I think the cards currently available with this name are the newer
   A16D version, which uses SAA713x and XC3028. I would assume it is not
   a better card than the DTV 1800H, but the SAA713x is better supported
   on Linux ?
 - AVerMedia Studio 703 (M17H)
   This is an analogue-only card (not necessarily a problem, since not
   many DVB-T channels can be received where I live), and the only
   information I found about it is that it uses a "Philips/NXP" chipset.
   It is not included in the CARDLIST files of the kernel, so maybe it
   is not supported on Linux ?

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