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Re: Terratec Cinergy 600 TV MK3: Problem with Radio/RDS

hermann pitton wrote:

Am Dienstag, den 10.11.2009, 15:50 +0100 schrieb Hans J. Koch:
On Mon, Nov 09, 2009 at 09:36:45PM +0100, Roland Egli wrote:
Hi all

I have the TV card "Terratec Cinergy 600 TV MK3" with SAA7134HL. The tuner is a Philips FM1216ME/H-3 and there is an additional RDS decoder SAA6588T.

For loading the module I use
$ modprobe saa7134 card=48 tuner=38

TV works fine, but I have a problem with the radio. The sound is very noisy, not stereo and there is as well no RDS reception (saa6588 module is loaded as well).
For RDS reception, you need a strong signal since the RDS carrier's
level is well below the audio carrier level. Your only chance is to
improve reception. What kind of antenna are you using? Are you sure it's
connected to the _radio_ antenna jack and not the TV?


Hans, for what I know it makes no difference on that tuner, if radio
comes in from the TV antenna connector or from the radio connector.

At least we don't have some dedicated separating RF input switch for

For example, the other way round, if you have a cable TV provider also
providing radio, and radio freqs are not filtered from the TV input
connected, radio will just work fine from the TV antenna connector and
likely are all stereo. I can't tell anything for RDS.

If you now also connect that cheap rabbit ears antenna mostly coming
with such cards, this might lead to overlapping frequencies noticed as
too much noise on radio. Maybe we still miss something, but it is not in
the tuner specs.

Me and one single other guy reported loud thrilling noise for radio if
tuned into off on later driver revisions. I'm still not sure, if it is
only caused by machine specific interferences, a network cable had some
impact on it, but I saw/heard it later also on FMD hybrid devices on a
different machine.

To connect the rabbit ears to the radio antenna connector will turn that
annoying noise into normal static. On that FMD hybrid you usually will
have the better radio reception from a roof mounted antenna for DVB-T
and there is also no active RF input switching like we only saw it later
on silicon hybrid devices.

For radio stereo it needs still some v4l2 app and kradio and mplayer
with v4l2 radio support are still the best candidates, but I'm not on
latest on radio apps around currently.

Reception improvement is of course still the best key for all.


Thanks for the answers and your further quesions, which I can answer here:
- I receive Radio and TV via cable, so the signal strength is ok (for stereo and rds)
- There are no frequency-filters so the tuner gets the whole bandwith
- In Windows with the original Terratec-SW everything (incl. RDS) works fine.

So I assume, there must be a problem in the driver in the area of radio.

Thanks for further help in advance.

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