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Re: function to_soc_camera_link(icd);

2009/11/5 Carlos Lavin <carlos.lavin@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>:
> hello!, any people to know to used this function:
> to_soc_camera_link(icd)
>  i make a driver and i have a problem whit this function, this function is
> used for the version 2.6.32 but i want to use for the version 2.6.30, this
> driver is for a sensor ov7670, but i don't know how i used it.

Hi Carols,
if you are completely lost you could try a hard ' git log -p | less '
inside v4l repository and then search for this function to see when it
was added and what does it do.

Also you can use http://lxr.linux.no/  to search for functions in
every kernel release as long as they have been entered mainline.

Javier Martin
Vista Silicon S.L.
CDTUC - FASE C - Oficina S-345
Avda de los Castros s/n
39005- Santander. Cantabria. Spain
+34 942 25 32 60

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