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Re: [PATCH 2/4] soc-camera: tw9910: Add power control

Dear Guennadi

Thank you for checking patch.

> > -#define OEN         0x04 /* Output Enable together with TRI_SEL. */
> > +#define OEN_TRI_SEL_ALL_ON 0x00 /* Enable output */
> > +#define OEN_TRI_SEL_CLK_ON 0x04 /* TRI_SEL output */
> You don't seem to use the OEN_TRI_SEL_CLK_ON macro. Didn't you want to 
> tristate pins when inactive?

I thought tristate control is not needed,
because I add power control.
But it seems wrong.
I will add tristate control.
Thank you

> > +#define CLK_PDN    0x08 /* clock power down */
> Hopefully, switching clock off doesn't destroy register content?

There are no document,
but it seems no problem.
I checked it by hand

Best regards
Kuninori Morimoto

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