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[PATCH 0/4] soc-camera: tw9910

Hi Guennadi

These patches are for tw9910

Kuninori Morimoto (4):
      soc-camera: tw9910: Add revision control
      soc-camera: tw9910: Add power control
      soc-camera: tw9910: tw9910_set_hsync clean up
      soc-camera: tw9910: modify tw9910_set_hsync to use revision control

Now I'm trying to modify tw9910 driver.
I guess current tw9910 is working on big luck.

There are still problems now.
So, I should work for it.

This time, I send small fix patches.
It use their revision to set register.

I guess these patches will NOT solve you problem.

I think your problem and my problem are same one.
I guess the doubtful register is OUTCTR1.

These patches are based on Guennadi's patches

and tested on MigoR and EcoVec.

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