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Re: AverTV GO 007 FM Plus

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> Datum: Tue, 20 Oct 2009 01:56:13 +0200
> Von: "Oleksandr Naumenko" <o.naumenko@xxxxxx>
> An: video4linux-list@xxxxxxxxxx
> Betreff: AverTV GO 007 FM Plus

> Hello,
> I recently installed Linux and am currently trying to make my tv tunner
> (AverTV GO 007 FM Plus) work. Had real problems with autodetection so i just
> did as discribed on
> http://www.ubuntuhcl.org/browse/product+AVerMedia_AVerTV_GO_007_FM_Plus_M15C?id=804
> but i still don't have sound even tho i can see video now.
> If i use "cat /dev/dsp1 | aplay -r 32000" I can hear sound, but its like
> compressed and totaly not understandable.
> I tried to do as postet in 
> http://www.archivum.info/video4linux-list@xxxxxxxxxx/2005-03/00107/Re:_Philips_SILICON_tuner_starts_working_-_was_-_Re:_asus_tvfm-7135
> but if i try to apply the patch, i'm asked which file i want to patch...
> the problem is i have no clue which one it should be. Maybe someone could
> give me a small (a big one is very welcome as well) hint which file it is
> or what to do.
> -- 
> https://www.redhat.com/mailman/listinfo/video4linux-list

Oops sorry i got the second url wrong its the 

and not the one about Silicon tunner

and when i try "cat /dev/dsp1 | aplay -r 32000"
i get the output "Pufferunterlauf!!! (mindestens 509,198 ms lang)" (for the ones who don't understand german its some kind of buffering error min. for 509.198 in this case)

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