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Graphics card with TV-out


I am looking for graphics cards with 5 TV-outs(CVBS). Probably I must
take 3 graphics cards with 2 TV-outs or 1 graphics card with 4 TV-outs
and 1 graphics card with 1 TV-out.
The graphics card must work under Linux. I think video4linux is the best
choice. I informed on the web page (www.linuxtv.org) already.
I am found the Matrox QID LP PCI series (www.matrox.com) with 4 TV-outs.
On the Matrox web page driver for Linux can be downloaded. But I did not
buy the graphics card. Does someone know that 4 TV-outs with v4l works?
Do 2 Matrox cards co-operate? I sent an email at Matrox already. But I
do not get an answer.
Does someone have experience with TV-out under Linux and can recommend
other graphics cards?
Or does someone know further links or mailing lists?

Best regards

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