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Re: Create a /dev/video0 file and write directly into it images

Paulo Freitas wrote:
Hi everyone,

I have an Ethernet Camera, from Prosilica, and I need to somehow emulate
this camera in a /dev/video0 file. My idea is, mount a driver file using
'makedev', pick up images from the camera and write them into
the /dev/video0 file. You know how V4L can be used to write images
in /dev/video files? I don't know if it is needed to use makedev
probably not. Any suggestion is welcome.

I'm not sure I see what the end use is here, watching or recording, but you might be able to use existing software which can generate streaming video and then use tools which can accept that over a network (could just be loopback if that fits your use).

Bill Davidsen <davidsen@xxxxxxx>
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