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[PATCH 0/4] tw9910: Add INTERLACE TB/BT support

These patches for tw9910.

Kuninori Morimoto:
      soc-camera: tw9910: check only Product ID
      soc-camera: tw9910: add hsync control support for platform
      soc-camera: sh_mobile_ceu: Add V4L2_FIELD_INTERLACED_BT/TB support
      soc-camera: tw9910: Add V4L2_FIELD_INTERLACED_TB/BT support

MigoR board used tw9910, but LCD size is small (QVGA) and 
zoom is needed to use.

So, we didn't notice tw9910 output quality.
we need these patches to get correct image on tw9910.
these patches are tested on EcoVec24 and MigoR board.

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