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help adding card to saa7134


I have a generic (read: cheap) card that has one SA7130HL chip and no
eeprom. It has 4 inputs and one video out. I'm only interested in
getting the 4 inputs working. As-is (card=0), one input works
beautifully, so the first thing I tried was forcing cards 18 and then
20, two cards that also have 4 inputs according to the definition in
saa7134-cards.c. However, when I plug in video feeds into more then one
input, they "overlap". The image is essentially the same for comp1
through comp4.

Sample images here... 1ch is using one channel at a time (to show actual
images) and 2ch is using 2 inputs at the same time, showing overlap

So I simply tried adding a simple/newb card definition to
saa7134-cards.c (below), but similar results:

        [SAA7134_BOARD_SVDVR] = {
                /* Nicholas J Kreucher <nick@xxxxxxxxxxxx> */
                .name           = "SVDVR / Photec",
                .tuner_type     = TUNER_ABSENT,
                .radio_type     = UNSET,
                .tuner_addr     = ADDR_UNSET,
                .radio_addr     = ADDR_UNSET,
                .inputs         = {{
                        .name = name_comp1,
                        .vmux = 0,
                }, {
                        .name = name_comp2,
                        .vmux = 1,
                }, {
                        .name = name_comp3,
                        .vmux = 2,
                }, {
                        .name = name_comp4,
                        .vmux = 3,

I see other definitions using things like gpio etc, perhaps that is what
is needed here? I am unfamiliar with gpio, so I wouldn't know where to

Any help or advice is appreciated! I'll also try and hang out in #v4l as
    - nick

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