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Re: NTSC/ATSC device recommendation

On Tuesday 08 September 2009, rray_1@xxxxxxxxxxx wrote:
>I would like to purchase a NTSC/ATSC device that is functional under Linux
>MY only requirement is receiving FTA broadcast
>Would y'all recommend a USB device or better to stick with a pci device
>I have followed this list and have only become more confused

I have been using a 'pcHDTV-3000' card for 3 or so years, works most of the 
time here, and I'm definitely 'fringe' area for some of the stations I get. 
One (PBS, my fav) is nearly 70 air miles.

This has been replaced by the 'pcHDTV-5500' card I believe, google for it.  
Mine is regular pci, the newer one may be pci-e.
Mine also doesn't recognize the broadcast flag, I can't say for the newer 

Software in linux to support tv in general sucks.  You must build the latest 
kaffeine to get it to sort of work with digital.  Because I have more than 
one sound system here, mythtv has great video but no sound, and as near as I 
can tell, no facility to make sure its using the right mixer.

tvtime, for NTSC, Just Works(TM) but the author has not to my knowledge, made 
any motions toward ATSC support.  Unforch, here in the states, NTSC is 
deprecated by FCC edict.

If you get the card, be sure and get the firmware that goes with it, 
available freely on their site.

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Cheers, Gene
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