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Patch for drivers/media/video/gspca/sonixj.c (new device added)

Hello. Included is a patch allowing to use DIGITUS DA-70811 webcam, also known 
as ZSMC USB PC Camera ZS211 (with idVendor name = Microdia in lsusb).

In file drivers/media/video/gspca/sonixj.c :
--- sonixj.c        2009-07-25 16:57:45.293263122 +0300
+++ sonixj.c    2009-07-25 22:58:11.952516010 +0300
@@ -1752,6 +1752,7 @@
 /*     {USB_DEVICE(0x0c45, 0x6122), BSI(SN9C110, ICM105C, 0x??)}, */
 /*     {USB_DEVICE(0x0c45, 0x6123), BSI(SN9C110, SanyoCCD, 0x??)}, */
        {USB_DEVICE(0x0c45, 0x6128), BSI(SN9C110, OM6802, 0x21)}, /*sn9c325?*/
+       {USB_DEVICE(0x0c45, 0x6148), BSI(SN9C325, OM6802, 0x21)}, /*sn9c110?*/
        {USB_DEVICE(0x0c45, 0x612a), BSI(SN9C120, OV7648, 0x21)}, /*sn9c110?*/
        {USB_DEVICE(0x0c45, 0x612c), BSI(SN9C110, MO4000, 0x21)},

In file Documentation/video4linux/gspca.txt :
--- gspca.txt       2009-07-25 23:01:05.589518320 +0300
+++ gspca.txt   2009-07-25 23:04:57.880516995 +0300
@@ -271,6 +271,7 @@
 sonixj         0c45:613b       Surfer SN-206
 sonixj         0c45:613c       Sonix Pccam168
 sonixj         0c45:6143       Sonix Pccam168
+sonixj         0c45:6148       Digitus DA-70811/ZSMC USB PC Camera 
 sunplus                0d64:0303       Sunplus FashionCam DXG
 etoms          102c:6151       Qcam Sangha CIF
 etoms          102c:6251       Qcam xxxxxx VGA

Tested on kernel 2.6.29, works fine for a cheap model.
The only open question is what value for the bridge should be used: SN9C110, 
SN9C120, or SN9C325 (camera works well with any of them).

Thank you for attention.

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