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Re: Please advise: 4channel capture device with HW compression for Linux based DVR

On Sun, Jul 5, 2009 at 8:10 PM, fsulima<fsulima@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> Oh, this is too pricy.
> Are you talking only about cards with H/W encoding or about all low profile
> multiple port capture cards?

*ALL* low profile multiple port capture cards. The good hardware
encode cards, particularly the h264 ones, run in the thousands.

> So, could you please say more about LP vs regular PCI capturers (W/O H/W
> encoding)? Are there inexpensive LP solutions?

None in my experience that work with four ports and 30fps per port
under $500. I would suggest four WinTV USB2's and possibly an
additional PCI to USB card which would take some of the load off of
your motherboard's main USB hub. That should cost about $250-300
depending on sale prices for the WinTV USB2. I've never tried four in
a single system, but theoretically, it should work well.

Jackson Yee
The Possum Company

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