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Re: bttv problem


Am Montag, den 06.07.2009, 00:29 +0200 schrieb Linos:
> Hello,
> 	who is the bttv maintainer (if any), maybe i can inform him of this? Thanks.

for bttv it is really easy to find out :)

You look at the MAINTAINERS file on top level of every kernel.

Daniel is for sure also very fine on it and also some others.

To have a chance, that somebody reads it, maybe again, don't post not
working links to the subscribers only and not search-able archive at
RedHat, but prefer the public available mirrors.

It is annoying to dig through it by message numbers after login, since
no direct link works.

BTW, we moved to linux-media@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx


> Regards,
> Miguel Angel.
> Linos escribió:
> > Hello,
> >     i posted this problem any time ago ( 
> > https://www.redhat.com/mailman/private/video4linux-list/2008-October/msg00246.html 
> > ), but still it seems to be in the last kernel, for details of the bug 
> > please read the link, i have upgraded this week to 2.6.30 and still i 
> > have to execute the code Daniel send the list to fix the bug in the bttv 
> > driver in 2.6.26, i am missing something or still have not been fixed in 
> > mainstream kernel?
> > 
> > Regards,
> > Miguel Angel.
> > 

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