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Re: Please advise: 4channel capture device with HW compression for Linux based DVR

Hi Jackson.

Thanks for the answer.
The first thing I realized when I learned how to use search on the mailing list was that this question is very common so I was already preparing to shot myself expecting the hear the advice to learn to use search. :) It's a shame.
Ok, back to the point...

The problem here is that I have a little unconventional hardware: it is a small form factor Intel D945GCLF2D mini-ITX Motherboard + integrated Intel Atom 330 2core 1.6Ghz. I have doubts about it's ability to encode 4 channels of D1, besides Intel advertises Atom's performance as video encoder: http://www.intel.com/design/intarch/applnots/DSS_Appnote_r5.pdf. I really don't want to setup another device specifically for DVR, especially with large form factor. Installing cheap capture device w/o h/w compression sounds like a great option, but I'd really like to be sure that Atom 330 is capable enough for this. Is there any expertise on this?


Jackson Yee wrote:
If you're looking for a hardware card, the guys at bluecherry have
upcoming cards which should fit your needs quite nicely:


For a four camera solution though, you can do real-time x264 encode
with a cheap dual-core processor. There's no need to buy the more
expensive hardware encoding cards unless you go for a 8 or 16 channel

Jackson Yee
The Possum Company

On Sun, Jul 5, 2009 at 7:09 AM, fsulima<fsulima@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
Hi all.

I'm looking for components to build 4 channel Linux-based DVR solution
exploiting hardware compression.
Although I found some such boards, they do not appear to be supported under

Please advise.

F S.

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