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Re: Pinnacle 880e Development?

On Fri, 03 Jul 2009 16:14:35 -0400, Devin Heitmueller wrote:

> I've had a couple of people ask about support for this device recently. 
> I pretty much had the analog video support working on all three inputs
> (tuner/composite/s-video), although the driver was nowhere near a state
> where it could be merged upstream.  I considered making the tree
> available in its current state, but I wasn't sure how useful it would be
> to people without the digital support and I hadn't gotten the audio
> working yet.

Thanks for the info, Devin - unfortunately I don't really have the skills 
or knowledge to do any work on the driver development (I wish I did) - as 
you have assessed, analog support isn't my primary interest because of 
the broadcast switch to ATSC here in the US.

If someone else picks up development, that'd be great and if I decide to 
keep the device (I have a son who has a Windows machine so it might be of 
use to him), then I'll be happy to help out with any testing that needs 
to be done.

Thanks again,


 Jim Henderson
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