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Re: Bah! How do I change channels?

Devin Heitmueller wrote:
On Fri, Jun 26, 2009 at 3:02 PM, Andy Walls<awalls@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
All I'm saying is that it is obviously the expected behavior, it the
specified behavior, and all the userland apps and scripts are written
with that behavior in mind.

The applications' expectation of that behavior is, of course, why we are
having this discussion.

Assuming arguendo, maintaing state in the face of power management is a
hard requirement on the driver; I'll still contend it's harder to change
the existing base of applications and user scripts.  Until the spec and
all the existing apps change, not adhering to the spec leads to user

I guess that means that every product that has a tuner which
implements the sleep callback is broken.  And yet this is the first
case I've heard a user complain, which makes me wonder how big a
population is out there that is using scripts to control the tuner.  I
suspect most people are just using applications like MythTV, xawtv or
tvtime, which won't have these issues.

I don't intend to come across as argumentative, but if we haven't
heard a massive outcry about this by now, maybe nobody actually cares
and thus we shouldn't spend the time to build a whole infrastructure
to preserve the driver state across the low power mode.  Those people
who really do care can just disable the power management with a
modprobe option.



I care and I love the infrastructure that has been created. However, it seems as though there are devices that do not conform to the paradigm or maybe they are not truly in "low power" mode. My guess is the latter otherwise there would be a flurry of complaints.

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