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Re: Bah! How do I change channels?

On Thu, 2009-06-25 at 23:04 -0400, George Adams wrote:
> Having gotten my Pinnacle HDTV Pro Stick working again under some old
> v4l drivers, I'm now facing a much more mundane problem - I can't
> figure out how to use the command line to change the channel.
> The video feed (a closed-circuit feed) that's coming to the card is
> over a coax cable, and is on (analog) channel 3.  My goal is to take
> the input and use Helix Encoder to produce RealVideo output that can
> be played using Real Player (yeah, not the ideal situation, but it's
> what we're using for now)
> Helix Producer (unlike "mencoder/mplayer") doesn't have the ability to
> change the channel - it can only take whatever is coming over the
> channel that the Pinnacle device is currently tuned to.  Devin pointed
> me to the "v4lctl" command, but I'm not having any luck with it yet.  

I use either v4l2-ctl or ivtv-tune

$ ivtv-tune -d /dev/video0 -t us-bcast -c 3
/dev/video0: 61.250 MHz

$ v4l2-ctl -d /dev/video0 -f 61.250
Frequency set to 980 (61.250000 MHz)


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