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Re: who to ask (wireless mouse and ov511 driver)

On 06/08/2009 07:00 PM, James wrote:
My wireless mouse gets jerky (or freezes)  when I plug in my USB webcam.

usb 2-6: Product: USB Receiver
usb 2-6: Manufacturer: Logitech
usb 2-6: configuration #1 chosen from 1 choice
input: Logitech USB Receiver as
logitech 0003:046D:C517.0001: input,hidraw0: USB HID v1.10 Keyboard
[Logitech USB Receiver] on usb-0000:00:02.0-6/input0
logitech 0003:046D:C517.0002: fixing up Logitech keyboard report descriptor
input: Logitech USB Receiver as
logitech 0003:046D:C517.0002: input,hiddev96,hidraw1: USB HID v1.10
Mouse [Logitech USB Receiver] on usb-0000:00:02.0-6/input1

ov511 2-1:1.0: USB OV511+ video device found
usb 2-1: model: Creative Labs WebCam 3
usb 2-1: Sensor is an OV7620

The webcam worked fine with a regular USB mouse and keyboard.
Who should I talk to?

Ah, thanks that is important info. In that case I think what you are seeing
is electronic interference from the webcam. I have that exact same mode,
and I opened it up once, there are 2 crystals in there for high frequency
clocks in about the same frequency as the radio frequency used by some wireless
devices, and all the electronics in the webcam are completely unshielded (as they
are in most webcams).

So I think your options are limited to:
1 do not use a wireless mouse
2 get one of those new wireless mouses which use one of the Gigahertz bands to
3 get a new webcam



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