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Re: question about soc_camera_open

Dear Guennadi

Thank you for comment

> > soc_camera_open use icd->current_fmt directly.
> > It doesn't check if icd->current_fmt != NULL.
> Which kernel version, resp., version of the soc-camera stack are you 
> using? What you describe would be a bug, but it shouldn't be present 
> neither in the soc-camera stack, converted to v4l2-subdev (see my last 
> series of 10 patches), nor in a partially converted stack.

I use latest Paul's (for SH) git

> is present in the current mainline. There's a call to
> 	if (icd->ops->remove)
> 		icd->ops->remove(icd);
> missing on the "goto eiufmt;" error path. You'd just have to insert the 
> above call before the goto. Would you like to prepare a patch?

why can I call soc_camera_open even if soc_camera_probe failed ?
I'm not sure why... but...

following is my kernel panic story.

1) I use "soc_camera_platform" and "sh_mobile_ceu" driver.

2) soc_camera_platform_info :: bus_param = SOCAM_xxx;
  this bus_param is miss mach to sh_mobile_ceu.
  ex) if it use SOCAM_DATAWIDTH_4, sh_mobile_ceu can not use it.

3) soc_camera_bus_param_compatible will be return 0
  in sh_mobile_ceu_try_bus_param

  I think this behavior is correct

4) sh_mobile_ceu_get_formats return 0
   because sh_mobile_ceu_try_bus_param return 0 

5) soc_camera_init_user_formats return -ENXIO
  because fmts is 0.
  then, icd->current_fmt is still NULL.

6) when I use mplayer, kernel panic occur on soc_camera_open.
  because .pixelformat = icd->current_fmt->fourcc will access NULL address
  but why can I call soc_camera_open ?

Best regards
Kuninori Morimoto

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