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Re: [not working] Conceptronic USB 2.0 Digital TV Receiver - CTVDIGRCU - Device Information

On 06/05/2009 07:03 PM, Jelle de Jong wrote:
That is great news, now lets see what is needed to get the code stable
in the mainstream kernel code. So it will work out of the box with the
upcoming kernel releases.

Yes, waiting for info...

Currently I don't have time for developing this and I don't even want put my fingers to this soap if there is someone else working actively.

Did you need any proprietary firmware?

Looks like no firmware needed at all.

Does the device work with mplayer does the dvb-t radio work?

Works with mplayer. But radio didn't start to play for reason or other. Totem-xine plays also radio but sound cuts all the time. And now when switch channels it also hangs and stick should be re-plugged. Seems like many issues and that's why it is still in the development :)


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