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Re: [not working] Conceptronic USB 2.0 Digital TV Receiver - CTVDIGRCU - Device Information

Antti Palosaari wrote:
> Terve Jelle,
> On 04/24/2009 04:10 PM, Antti Palosaari wrote:
>> On 04/24/2009 03:25 PM, Jelle de Jong wrote:
>>> I got an USB ID 14aa:0160 Conceptronic USB2.0 DVB-T CTVDIGRCU V2.0 but I
>>> have no idea what chipsets it contains. Could somebody extract the
>>> drivers to be sure? (see my first mail for driver web pages)
>>> http://www.conceptronic.net/site/desktopdefault.aspx?tabindex=0&tabid=420&pc=CTVDIGRCU
>> There is no drivers for device USB-ID 14aa:0160.
>> ; Copyright (C) Wideviewer Corporation, 2005 All Rights Reserved.
>> ;
>> ; USB DVB-T Adapter
>> ; WideViewer DVB-T WT-225U
>> ; The Vendor ID =14AA, and the Product ID =0226
>> %DevModel.DeviceDesc%=DevModel.Dev,USB\VID_14AA&PID_0226&MI_00
>> According to google search it could be Realtek.
>> http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=822291&page=2
> I just got that device from post. I installed driver from:
> http://linuxtv.org/hg/~jhoogenraad/rtl2831-r2
> and it is working :(
> Driver identifies this device as "Freecom USB 2.0 DVB-T Device".
> I have don't know exactly what's driver status currently - is is only in 
> development tree currently. Could Jan Hoogenraad comment what should do 
> before driver is ready to the master release?
> regards
> Antti

That is great news, now lets see what is needed to get the code stable
in the mainstream kernel code. So it will work out of the box with the
upcoming kernel releases.

Did you need any proprietary firmware?

Does the device work with mplayer does the dvb-t radio work?



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