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video loopback device

Hi all,

I'm looking for an application/driver which let to create a 
virtual device where to send the video output of an application or of
another video device.

Typical application would be for example to capture from a webcam,
apply some filter to it, and finally pulish it to another application
reading from a video device.

I see there are at least three distinct projects which provides a
video for loopback device:

* video4linux loopback device/vloopback:

  Seems to be unmaintained, also if I'm not wrong it only supports
  video4linux and not video4linux 2 API.

* video4linux2 virtual device

  This should be the successor of vloopback, unfortunately it seem not
  to work with linux 2.6.26:

  and also seems a little unmaintained.

* http://code.google.com/p/v4l2loopback/

  I don't know if there are applications using it, just read about it
  in this ML.

I wonder if someone can express an opinion on these projects, for
example to tell their current status / usability.

TIA, regards.

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