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Re: saa7134 surveillance

S P wrote:
I have a surveillance card with saa7134 chips. It should be able to
see 8 cameras at a time, but there is only 4 video devices in /dev of
this card.
These devices are working fine, each device's channel 0(there isn't
any other channel of these devices) is an input for a camera.
So, how could I manage it to be 8 devices?

Kernel-version ? Newer kernels allow you to set v4l subsystem to "allocate minor device numbers dynamically". This is supposed to allow more than 4 devices on a single card, according to the help-text of the 2.6.29 kernel I just compiled.

Caveat: All this is from memory, ~24hours old.

Håkon Alstadheim
47 35 39 38

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