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Re: How to acces TVP5150 .command function from userspace

2009/5/22 Devin Heitmueller <dheitmueller@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>:
> On Fri, May 22, 2009 at 3:50 AM, 景文林 <wenlinjing@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
>> Hi,
>> I am working with a video capture chip TVP5150. I want to adjust the
>> "Brightness" "Contrast" "Saturation" and "hue" in user space.
>> In TVP5150 drivers ,the V4l2 commands are in function tvp5150_command.And
>> this function is a member of struct i2c_device.
>> The linux is
>> I write my code according kernel document  Documentation/i2c/dev-interface
>> But I can`t access tvp5150_command.
>> How can i acces i2c_device .command  function from user space?
> I thought those controls were already implemented in the tvp5150
> driver, although I could be mistaken (I would have to look at the
> code).  If not, it would probably be much easier to just add the
> commands to the driver than to attempt to program the chip from
> userland (the datasheet for the tvp5150 is freely available).

those are definitely implemented, I remember there was a problem with
a too dark videopicture years ago and it was a bug in the tvp5150...

Also by looking at it:

are supported.


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