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Re: saa7134


Am Mittwoch, den 13.05.2009, 22:30 -0300 schrieb danflu@xxxxxxxxxxxxx:
> Hi,
> I'm Trying to capture from a capture TV card (Zogis Real
> Angel 220 with FM) that has a saa7134 controller but I'm not
> succeding in make it work.
> When I type dmesg the operating system (linux Ubuntu
> 8.04)says that it cannot automatically detect the device,
> and V4L2 lists it as UNKNOWN. The driver listed by
> video4linux is saa7134. The device is identified at
> /dev/video0.
> Please, could you clarify step by step how can I setup linux
> to make this device work ? 

it has support since 2.6.28.

There is no eeprom on it for auto detection and you need to force


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