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RE: Sound capture with Osprey 230 (with patch)

Sorry, there was a small mistake in the previous patch. The attached patch

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> Subject: Sound capture with Osprey 230
> Hi all,
> I've been using Osprey 230 cards for AV capture for several years,
> earlier with a modified version of Viewcast's driver but it was never
> very stable.
> When doing a new setup I therefore wanted to get the Alsa driver to
> work. I found that there were two trees in the repository in regards to
> these cards, http://linuxtv.org/hg/~mchehab/osprey and
> http://linuxtv.org/hg/~tap/osprey.
> It seems that mchehab tree is the patches that Viewcast submitted which
> does not address the necessary changes for ALSA driver while tap tree
> does but for Osprey 440 and older kernels.
> I've therefore ported the changes from tap to the main tree and added
> support for detecting Osprey 210/220/230 plus a minor fix to support
> specifying digital_rate as module parameter. It might also work for
> Osprey 240 (which is PCI-e variant of 230) but I don't have any such
> card so I haven't been able to test.
> The only question mark I have is that the current implementation use
> the depreciated interfaces from bttv-if.c to find which bttv driver
> corresponds to this audio driver and adds a function to get the bttv
> core. It is suggested to use the routines in bttv-gpio.c instead but I
> don't find an obvious replacement for bttv_get_pcidev nor how to get
> bttv_core.
> I see two alternatives:
> 1. Implement snd-87x module as a subdevice to bttv. Is this correct as
> the video and audio devices are two separate pci devices?
> 2. Implement a hook in snd-87x module which register a subdevice with
> bttv to get hold of bttv_core. Seams a bit upside down Any suggestions?
> The patch in its current form is attached.
> /Sverker

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